Fundraising has moved well beyond the days of selling products nobody wants to your friends and family.

Have a bowling, cornhole, darts or food fundraising event instead!

Everyone loves to bowl, and nearly everyone can participate...

Three or Four hours is generally the time frame used for a bowling fundraiser.  Encouraging participation is key because the more bowlers, the more money raised!

Businesses love the media blitz a fundraiser creates.

Your organization can call on local businesses to participate as sponsors.  Contributions can either be cash donations (to help cover costs) or in-kind donations such as refreshments and prizes for the bowlers.

Remember, everyone loves to bowl, ask each business you approach to sponsor their own bowlers and increase the number of participants at the event!

Rose Bowl Lanes offers Fundraisers packages to accommodate groups of 10-100 people.  Please call 315-331-2007 for more details




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